22 QUOTES: #MeasureSum16 TAKE AWAY

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3 min readSep 17, 2020


Missed the 2016 Summit on the Future of Communications Measurement?

“To prove #communications impact, you need a ‘CFO-approved value chain.’” #measuresum16

Awareness, confidence, trust = the psycho-graphic of the customer POV #MeasureSum16

“Performance measurement often lacks context.” -@markstouse #measuresum16

“Marketers are surrounded by a Giant Dashboard of Disconnected Things” (the Martech landscape) — @markstouse #measuresum16

Jennifer Williamson

Today customers have the ability to do product innovation themselves, i.e. remixing music without ever playing an instrument. #measuresum16

Big data in the 21st century: “If information is the oil, we’ve got a gusher on our hands.” -Matt O’Hern @UNHPaulCollege #measuresum16

“Attitude shift precedes behavior shift” -@mikeziv #measuresum16

“Marketing drives profit from brand assets…Communications drives legitimacy from relationship assets.” @mikeziv, #measuresum16

“Measurement is about more than just numbers.” -@CinDLew #measuresum16

For Southwest, internal and external sentiment aren’t correlated — they measure both (as they should!) @CinDLew at #measuresum16

Don’t assume people understand the metrics on the dashboard. Education is key! #MeasureSum16

Notes that automated sentiment carries up to 35% error — but they don’t change it — they’d have to do so all the time #measuresum16 @CinDLew

Internal Communication is about changing behaviors too. Measurement can tell us if we’re getting there #measuresum16 @CommAMMO #internalcomm

Network effects among Paid-Owned-Shared-Earned (PESO) quadrants of media drive higher value. @Stephen62895411 #measuresum16

This picture says it better than words possibly could. #measuresum16

@facebook is mainly for #internalcomms use, @twitter for external. Insights is #thoughtleadership #measuresum16

#PR tenet: tell story “who we are, what we do & what we contribute.” #measuresum16

“Think of the press release as a digital tool” #measuresum16

It is not “share of voice, it is “share of desirable voice” via @queenofmetrics #measuresum16

“Measurement Requirement #1: Are stakeholders receiving key messages?” #measuresum16

“Big data and predictive analytics is key for resource allocation.” — #measuresum16

Interesting data from #MeasureSum16 PR twice the value of Ads

“Communicating the results broadly across the organization is as important as the measurement itself.” -@MarySMiller #MeasureSum16

Having a leader who is a great communicator is key to internal comms — Mary Miller #measuresum16

“We need to measure business results at the ‘think, feel, do’ level.” -@CommAMMO #measuresum16

“All marketing is communication. Not all communication is marketing.” #measuresum16

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