56 QUOTES: PRNews Crisis Management Summit 2019 Takeaway.

Find out what happened at the #PRNews Crisis Management Summit 2019?

Find below quotes, advice, insight with data from Communications experts around the globe on Crisis Management and Communications.

  • Public Relations is Human Relations — Bob Hastings @Bell #PRNews #PR.
  • CCO’s greatest tool is honesty- Bob Hastings #PRnews.
  • CCO Help exec leadership remember that employees are often a brand’s most important stakeholders — @cihjo #PRNews.
  • You need to be consistently authentic in your messaging and build TRUST with the media and your stakeholders. #PRNEWS @sharphealthcare @hindamitchell @Amy_ESPNPR.
  • Authenticity, Transparency. Shared Values = Key to Communicating in Crisis. — @hindamitchell #PRNews.
  • Build the connection between what’s important for your brand and what’s important for your audiences — @hindamitchell #PRNews.
  • Build your CEO’s media training into the announcement plan! And train them on video. Once they see themselves deliver messages on camera, they realize how important it is. And, they can SEE their own improvement. #PRNews.
  • When in a crisis, consumers want to hear from the CEO about the organization’s values #prnews #crisis.
  • When a #CEO says they’re “all set” and don’t need media training? Remind them… even #TomBrady has a coach. #PRNEWS.
  • CEO’s get up in the morning to solve problems. Know what the CEO needs to accomplish. The job of the #PR team is to be strategic and solve the CEO’s problems. #PRNEWS.
  • New Word Alert: #VerbalVomit — What your CEO or other thought leader spews out during a media interview that goes awry #PRnews.
  • Local companies need National media attention for their reputations because Local customers also consume National media. #PRnews.
  • “You can’t wait for there to be an issue and then solve it” — Yes! Preparation is key. #prnews.
  • While CEOs may know the subject better than their CCOs, the CCOs can prep them for possible followup questions so that they aren’t caught flat-footed. #PRnews Thanks to @RTHastingsJr @Amy_ESPNPR @hindamitchell and @cihjo.
  • “When we think about quality over quantity, it doesn’t always mean a story in the most prominent publications #PRnews @Laura_Brusca, VP Corporate Communications @Forbes.
  • “Sometimes we have to remind people that PR doesn’t stand for press release.” 👏🏼👏🏼 #PRNews.
  • Be a reporter inside your own organization — great advice for comms pros at any level @Laura_Brusca with @Forbes #PRNews.
  • “Messaging should be augmented by other forms of storytelling.” “It’s not news until we say it’s news.” @Laura_Brusca #prnews.
  • When delivering corporate messages, it is critical to augment it with other forms of storytelling video, podcasts, newsletters, data visualisation, photo assets @Laura_Brusca #PRNews @TheBrandLion.
  • Quality over quantity still matters in media coverage and measurement; impact is key. #PRNews.
  • Many people have no idea the PR work involved in securing page A1 of the NYTimes. @fredbjoerndal explained the process took 2.5 years and over 1,000 emails. #PRNews.
  • Educate stakeholders — Ensure clients understand that PR is more than a press release, we are fixers, we put out fires, we anticipate fires, we tell stories. The C-suite may not understand these metrics #PRNews.
  • Don’t forget to connect the dots for CEO — PR strategy leads to a successful outcome. @fredbjoerndal #prnews.
  • Respect the process: Educating your organization/stakeholders about the value of PR means establishing a symbiotic relationship, and informing them about the process and thinking it actually takes to get a high-value, impactful story #prnews.
  • “Bring examples of what other executives are doing well & poorly. Show your executive examples of other campaigns & point out what was done right & wrong.” — Bob Hastings, @Bell CCO/Chief of Staff on how to successfully media train executives.
  • Education of stakeholders must include a breakdown of the pr process #PRNews.
  • “Reporters may use silence as a tactic when interviewing; Be careful not to fall prey to verbal bombing.” on training executives to successfully navigate media interviews — @Amy_ESPNPR, @espn VP of Strategic Communications.
  • PR is less science, more art…we will continue to examine metrics, coverage, but that will only be half the story — tone, language, sentiment and audience will be needed to understand the real value #PRNews.
  • “Leaders who use social media will build better communications with their stakeholders” #PRnews.
  • Encourage execs to be not only thought leaders, but also thoughtful people on #socialmedia — Tracy Zampaglione from @OrangeCoFL #PRNews.
  • Great Way to Say THANK YOU: Share press mentions on your social media and tag the reporter and publication. -#PRNews.
  • @Twitter is a great place to say thank you to a reporter! #PRnews.
  • “Think before you speak, think harder before you post on social media.” #PRnews.
  • PR people need to be journalists within their organization. #prnews.
  • Thought leadership in the age of social media — be authentic, be inspiring, be personal, post regularly, think first, build relationships. Keep it fresh and frequent #PRNews.
  • If you don’t want to communicate in social media, you don’t want to communicate. #PRnews.
  • “Staying on brand is what is most important. CEOs come & go; the brand is forever.” — #PRnews.
  • Write your story and messaging first before embarking on a thought leadership campaign.
  • Shift from looking at #impressions to evaluating impact. There’s a difference. @EliotHoff #prnews.
  • Authenticity and transparency are the most important elements of a media interview. #prnews.
  • Great Way to Say THANK YOU: Share #press #mentions on your social media and tag the reporter and publication. — #PRNews.
  • “Media training is foundational, not situational.” @AshBoomerSooner #prnews.
  • Put legal and communications in the room where it happens on crisis response #PRNews.
  • “Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.” — Mark Twain #PRNews.
  • “73% of board members cite reputation as a vulnerability, but only 39% have a plan to address it.” Planning ahead and anticipating potential crises is key according to @CrisisExperts #prnews.
  • Companies, where a top boss is accused of personal misdeeds, take an avg hit of $110M, says @CrisisExperts #prnews.
  • “Easier to prepare and prevent than repair and repent!” — @Hilewoman with a quotable way of saying something every org claims to know, but too few acts on. #PRNews.
  • “Understand your own value to the organization & make sure everyone else does, too.” — Christine DiBartolo.
  • The best way to avoid a crisis on social media is to get it OFF of social media. #prnews @andysherry.
  • Consider rebranding “crisis comms plan” to “incident response plan” @ChrisChiames. Reality check: not everything is a crisis! @PRNews #PRNews.
  • What to do in a crisis? Gather the facts & own your narrative. Thx Christine DiBartilo @FTIConsulting.
  • On prepping for a crisis says it’s important to identify your weakest leaks and know what your speed bumps are so you can prepare for that and respond quicker. #prnews @ChrisChiames.
  • “At the end of every crisis, there’s an accountability moment.” — @howardopinsky.
  • After every crisis, figure out what didn’t work and do what you can to fix it. #prnews.
  • “Crisis doesn’t care that it’s your anniversary, kid’s birthday, vacation…” -Ronn Torossian @5W_PR #PRNews #crisis.
  • “<No Comment> is public relations malpractice” @MikeSitrick #PRNews 🙌.




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P+ Measurement Service

P+ Measurement Services is an Independent PR measurement and evaluation consultancy.

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