The Importance of Negative News Monitoring

Build a Proactive Crisis Management Process

Thanks to the viral nature of our 24/7/365 news media, PR professionals must be hyper-vigilant to mitigate the reputational and financial risk of negative news.

How to Prepare for a Crisis

The day-to-day activities that you engage in before a crisis occurs are, in fact, what enables you to respond effectively post-crisis. Organizations — and their PR practitioners — need to establish a two-pronged approach.

Threat Appraisal

You need an established process for daily threat appraisals. Understanding the buzz across all media channels allows you to stay abreast of emerging issues so that you can tackle potential problems before they turn into an avalanche of negative news.

Case in Point: Political Campaign Media Monitoring — Red, White & Who?

Wordsworth Communications partner and senior counsellor Joe Shields shares his own experience working on a political campaign in which a local 16-year conservative incumbent found himself facing a primary challenge by a conservative party activist. The well-connected opponent and his surrogates made extensive use of social media and the comments sections of traditional media early on, taking advantage of the fact that the incumbent candidate was featured in the news well before more visible efforts like paid and earned media or direct mail campaigns had begun.

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