Why Clients Should Use Measurement and Evaluation To Assess Their PR Agencies

As PR professionals and measurement advocates, many of us spend a great deal of time talking and writing about how important it is to measure public relations activity in a real, quantitative way. It’s important to be able to support PR activities with numbers-based evidence to prove to a client that the process works. Proper measurement demonstrates the value of having a PR program, and can guide future efforts so that results are more predictable — and more successful.

The reverse is also true: clients should use measurement to assess their PR agencies — for many of the same reasons.

Results matter

Course corrections

Spending wisely

An external PR firm might have more success with an earned media program than an internal team because they have more people with existing media relationships, whereas an internal PR team might have a better result with a social outreach program due to deeper brand knowledge and awareness. Testing and measuring will allow you to see this and work this knowledge into programs — and budgets — going forward.

Tough conversations

Real numbers and data make tough conversations about performance with your PR firm easier

When you’re measuring your PR firm, sometimes the results won’t make either party happy. Having real numbers and data to reference will make tough conversations about performance about the data rather than personalities — or the overall relationship. This is important because it’s always possible you may want to engage the PR firm in the future for another reason or another program better matched to the firm’s capabilities.

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